Am I Thirsty or Hungry?

“Is it true that if I feel hungry, I should drink water first because I’m actually thirsty?” A friend asked me and my answer was…….. That depends. For someone who has become disconnected from their body’s natural cues of hunger and thirst then yes, this may be a tactic that could be very helpful with relearning the difference between hunger and thirst. For example- someone who doesn’t drink enough water could be told to drink water before grabbing food, because their body will send any cue that will get the response it wants. If said person drinks water and is then no longer hungry most likely they were indeed thirsty. In another scenario, lets use the name Susan, Susan’s goals are to lose weight. A tactic from her nutrition coach could be drink water first, check in with yourself, am I still hungry? No- wait to eat, yes- eat. In order to lose weight Susan must be in a calorie deficit, so naturally she will be more hungry at times. Drinking water when hungry can help the empty feeling in the stomach that can be uncomfortable for some people. This isn’t a tactic I would use for long as we want to listen to our body’s cues vs ignoring them, which ignoring them starts the cycle of becoming disconnected from our body’s natural cues that I previously mentioned.  

If you think you’ve become disconnected to your body’s natural cues that tell you whether your hungry or thirsty, try checking in with yourself. There is no harm in that, but if you are using it as a means to “fill” yourself that is only going to further disconnect you from your body. Your body wants homeostasis, which is it’s “happy place”, it’s well fed and not starving here. If you track your water intake and are feeling hungry, then your freaking hungry and you should eat. Worried about overeating? Check in with yourself about halfway through your meal, still hungry? Eat more. Not hungry or just full enough? Stop and save the rest for later. Don’t just fill your belly up with water and ignore your hunger. It really is that simple, don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.  


Want a quick meal idea? Read below!

Grilled Turkey burger- Costco (Brand- Columbia) found in freezer section

Topped with guac, Sir Kensington’s special sauce, relish, and goat cheese

Roasted Asparagus- made ahead with olive oil and salt, roasted at 350 for 30 mins or until crispy

Plantain chips

Kombucha in a wine glass #classy – Babba’s brew is my favorite and it’s brewed locally to me!!

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