Prepping for the week…

Recently I’ve been sharing in my stories how to make some really simple meals and how to change it up throughout the week. I have mentioned how I make big batches of food, but haven’t gone into detail on that in a while so I figured I’d share how I make it easier for us to eat well during the week. Every week I sit down and kinda make a plan for the following week, and I say “kinda” because I’ve been doing this for so long some things I do literally every week simply because neither one of us has gotten sick of it yet. This system works for us and allows us not to get bored throughout the week with food, but also fits into our fridge too. We have one of those french door refrigerators and I hate it. The Fridge side is so freakin small and if we tried to premake meals in all those containers some other people do…. Well it just doesn’t work for us or the size of our fridge. 

Each week I pick out 3 different veggie, carbohydrate, and protein sources that I will prepare. Once cooked, I put them in their own bigger containers and then we eat from that all week. This allows us to mix and match or simply just make a decision in the moment versus something that was packed days ago. Here’s how a typical week goes for us-

Big ole bag of broccoli florets & asparagus from costco, I also grab a big container of spinach at costco that I’ll use for salads or add to smoothies to get more greens in! Those are my 3 veg choices for the week. I stick to simple seasonings when it comes to bulk cooking so that anything can be paired together. So the broccoli is sprayed with olive oil lightly and then I use himalayan pink salt before roasting in the oven. At 350 degrees the broccoli cooks for approx 30-45 mins depending on how crispy you like it, and for us the crispier the better! For the asparagus i season exactly the same way but this cooks for approx 30 mins at 350 degrees. Hot tip I also line my pans with aluminum for easy clean up. Moving on to the meats!!

We get the majority of our meat from Butcher Box and choose the custom box so that I know exactly what is coming. Chicken breast is a staple along with thighs, steaks, ground turkey, and bacon. Every week I cook some form of chicken but I’m going to share the easiest here. Shredded chicken is super simple and super versatile for so many dishes! I cook up 3 pounds of breast in my instant pot, which if you don’t already know can cook FROZEN breasts in 25 mins. THe thing is amazing period, anyway I fill the pot with water to cover the breasts and then cook. That’s. It. No seasoning no nothing. I do it this way to allow us the freedom to make it taste different throughout the week. Tim loves hot sauce but I don’t, so this makes it so much more possible from us BOTH to eat from the same bulk cook. I add different dressings, sauces, or make them into a fun taco surprise bowl to add variety to our meals. Shredded chicken for the win!!! Ground turkey is another meat I’ll make and I’ll make 1 pound plain to have a similar concept of adding variety and then usually I make the other pound BBQ, we LOVE our BBQ!!!

For carbohydrate sources I make a boat load of rice for Tim, he loves his rice. I am not as much of a fan of it myself so I use other options like fruit, potatoes, rice cakes, or popcorn. I find snacks like jerky, chips, popcorn, etc at either Costco, Aldi, or Thrive Market to add to our weekly food and to simply have options. I keep wholesome foods that help nourish our bodies while also keeping us feeling our best. “Meal Prepping” doesn’t have to be hard and I honestly think it gets over complicated. I find foods at Costco that take some of the prep work out on busier weeks, and also have specific days I make dinner in the moment so that I can be creative too. This balance works for us only after much trial and error. Check out my stories and highlights for additional inspiration on quick meals and different finds that make prepping and grocery shopping easy again!!



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