Food Timing Doesn’t Matter…..

**Picture isn’t my own- A sweet Pea Chief**

The timing of when food is eaten doesn’t matter. Sure you may have had success on a “scientifically proven nutrient timing” diet, but the truth is that if that diet was different from what you were doing before the diet, your body is going to change. THAT is the science. Along with- Ever wonder why a diet worked once and then when you went to do it again it didn’t work “as well’ or didn’t work at all? There can be many factors in this but a major one that I recently wrote about is the diet exit. If a diet exit isn’t done properly and, then furthermore ALSO eating in a surplus to help your body’s hormones bounce back, as well as, prevent your body from going into famine. 

Obviously everything is going to depend on your personal goals, but let’s say your goal is to lose weight and be leaner. Well this is where I’d ask “what do you mean by leaner?” Leaner could mean more muscle which guess what, that means building muscle which will most of the time translate to a bigger number or no change at all on the scale. More muscle on your body will burn more fat on your body, but in order to do that you need to eat more. Which for most people is the opposite of what they think when starting to “diet”. This is what a generalized food program doesn’t explain thoroughly enough. It also doesn’t program to YOUR specific needs or genetics for that matter. What works for one person WILL NOT work for most! Like I stated above, they don’t explain WHEN you should eat in surplus outside of the little diet window it’s focused on right now. This template or app you’ve been following doesn’t know your long term goal, so it can’t properly set up a healthy strategy for you and your end game. When you have big goals your nutrition shouldn’t be short term or on a plan that’s executed for only 12 weeks. 

TIming- This only matters if you are an elite athlete qualifying for the Crossfit games or olympics. But, lets say your goal is to get there one day, working towards that goal should be done with a coach just like you may have a coach for your physical goals. For the general population, and yes you local competitors too, it does. not. matter. What does matter is that you are eating ENOUGH food to fuel your workouts and reach your goals. If you do Crossfit and want to be competitive, aesthetics or body composition can’t be your goal. A lean body or ideal body you want could be a by-product of the work as a potential competitor, but eating to perform should always be the number one goal. Now with that said the mentality should not a free for all when it comes to eating, to perform well you’ll need quality whole foods in your diet and very limited processed foods along with limited alcohol use. 

Goal- Look good feel good.

Like I mentioned above, nutrient timing aka food timing doesn’t matter, but if I was working with someone in this goal I would suggest some tips for helping the body recover from exercise. Eat carbs after your workout especially after a Crossfit, HIIT, Spin, or other high intensity form of exercise. When you do high intensity exercise you deplete your body of its glycogen stores, and need to replace them so the body can properly recover, heal, and grow muscle. Depending on personal goals I may also suggest a drink during exercise, or a specific meal with macro requirements. I don’t even want to give an example here because everyone is different. A suggestion for one client won’t work for all and that’s kinda my whole point in this post.  There is unlimited info out on the internet that is targeted for “general population” what they don’t know is your history, or your workout routine and lifestyle. They don’t know your a mom of 3 kids who runs after them all day long and still breastfeeding. They don’t know that you work at a desk all day and are only active when in the gym, or your a construction worker who moves all day and can’t make it to the gym for more than 20 mins. Get a nutrition coach who puts the time in to learn YOUR story and builds a nutrition program for YOU. Those plans then are tweaked and changed throughout your journey based on YOUR progress as YOU progress. 



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