It’s OK to want to change your body…

With all the buzz going around of self acceptance, self care, self love, intuitive eating, and putting an end to diet culture it can feel like your wrong for wanting to change your body. I too face these dilemmas at times. The trendy thing right now is to end diet culture and body shaming for both bigger or thinner bodies, while I agree with some concepts I don’t wholey agree with shaming others who do in fact want to change their bodies. That’s ok too. I think the “kill diet culture” vibe means well and originated from a good place, like putting a stop to making people feel like their body isn’t good enough or creating an image that health only looks one way, but I also feel like some messages are coming across in the form that if one does want to change their body through a diet then they are now put down or wrong for wanting to do so. 

There are people who have been chronic dieters who benefit from the “kill diet culture” vibe going around. It can help them heal mentally and physically but it can also harm their mental health while going through the rough transition. They can then shame themselves for having thoughts of dieting while trying to not diet. It’s a vicious cycle and one that takes time to fully heal.

Then there are those who simply want to live a healthier life and that may mean a type of diet or change in current lifestyle. Should those people be put down because they want to better themselves? And who says there is only one way to a healthier lifestyle? Sure intuitive eating would be ideal, but what if they don’t know how to do that? Or if they want to lose weight they have to be in a calorie deficit so that could mean ignoring hunger cues for a short period of time. It could also mean eating even when their not hungry because they tend to not eat enough and that’s actually damaging their health by under eating. 

I guess my point today is…. Sure intuitive eating and kill the diet culture vibe means well, but some people are pushing it too damn hard without thinking about the bigger picture. Intuitive eating isn’t as easy as “just listening to your body” and killing diet culture isn’t only about putting an end to all dieting. Having a coach, specifically a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), or dietitian to help guide you through your goals is optimal and will help address many of these questions. A qualified coach will also keep your personal goals and health in mind while working with you and can help you navigate the buzz and trendy verbiage going around right now.

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