How do I do it all?…

Sink was empty 10 mins prior to this picture, did I leave these here til the next morning?? Sure did!!

I’ve been asked “how I do it all” more times than I can count. The funny thing is that I don’t actually “do it all” at all…I make time for the things I value and consider a priority in my life and don’t make time for those that I don’t enjoy as much. I of course, like everyone else, have chores I need to get done around the house, but my timing of when those chores have to be done are worked in and around my higher priority items. Everyone’s priorities will look different, like maybe Susan prioritizes watching TV because she really enjoys that time. Maybe Amy prioritizes play dates with other moms and their children because she values time outside of the home. 

I’m no different my priorities may simply look different than yours. I used to have this need for an empty sink at the end of each day, or everything “had a place” and needed to be put back immediately. At one point I also had this overwhelming need for my home to be presentable at ALL TIMES. Sounds familiar? I’m sure some of you can relate to that. To be entirely honest, that was freaking exhausting. The anxiety I gave myself over my impossible high standards I set for myself because I thought “that’s what I’m supposed to do”. During one point in my journey break free of those chains of supposed tos and living up to impossible standards, I tried the extreme opposite. I literally removed my kitchen table, because it was a “supposed to” in my mind. I trashed a lazy susan because I couldn’t stop the compulsive behavior to have it face a specific way, and I let dishes pile up.

Eventually I found that with some structure I really do thrive, but I found balance within it. If a plan doesn’t go exactly how I planned it, I can adapt now and go with the flow more easily. I’m much more open to living in the moment, rather than living only by a schedule. So how do I do it all??? I don’t, I do plan my week but am flexible with it. I plan my week on Sundays while also allowing for freedom to change it. I prioritize my health and fitness because it’s important to me and it brings me joy. I also prioritize cooking and grocery shopping because I enjoy it and for me its therapeutic. I prioritize walking Jax because I love him and want him to live his best life.  I prioritize the things that I love and bring me joy, and then I fit in those things like laundry, dishes, and house projects in around my prioritized items. I know those items that are more like a chore for me are still important, so I will start my day earlier that day to get it all or mostly done. 

Here’s another inside tip I have a cleaning company come twice a month….gasp… omg she doesn’t clean her own home? Calm down Susan I tidy up and clean up after myself same goes for my husband, but we choose to spend our time on our prioritized items. I used to feel like I need to justify my choices in how we choose to live our lives, and I could give a thousand reasons on why I believe I deserve a cleaning lady but I won’t. If you think for one second that everyone else has it all together without help, your dead wrong sister. Everyone has help in some way. I have one chance to live the best possible life I can, and I choose to live it doing the things I love and that bring me joy. 

Priorities are unique to you. Prioritize what you love and bring joy into your life. Don’t allow society to shape what you view as a priority to you. 



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