Most vitamins you’ll encounter in the store won’t actually be absorbed by your body which is why you may see a neon color when you use the potty!
I really do encourage anyone to try to get all vitamins and minerals through food, but its not always feasible. This is where doing some research on brands and deciding what might be best for YOUR body. As with all nutrition one size DOES NOT fit all. There will be some very expensive brands out there and may even be the purest best digestible form, but if it doesn’t fit your budget, does that actually help you? Eating conventional broccoli over organic broccoli is better than no broccoli at all, and getting SOME form of vitamins & minerals is better than none or living with deficiencies.
I encourage you to do your own research if your curious about vitamins and supplements and choose what’s best for you and your budget! I like to focus on simplified processes and ingredients when it comes to food, and naturally I’m the same when it comes to my vitamins & supplements.
Pictured is my current daily Vitamins minus a probiotic I take daily that I’m out of currently.
🍎Multi Vitamin- A great multi vitamin will give you a little bit of everything and if you have a diverse diet of meats, vegetables, fruits, and grains the likely good of needing much more is unlikely.

***Obviously yearly physicals & blood work will be MOST reliable for diagnosing deficiencies***

🍎Collagen Peptides- Collagen is known to support bone health, skin cell health aka reduction of cellulite, hair & nail health (hello better than biotin!), joint mobility, essential amino acid source, and aids in a healthy gut!! ZHOU brand is certified gluten free, dairy free, grass fed, pasture raised, hormone free, zero sugar, preservative free, etc.
🍎Fish Oil- Fish oil is known to support our cardiovascular system, balance omega fatty acids, and joint health. I personally feel I don’t need Fish Oil because of my diet and use of collagen, but I do support the use if your supplementing with it! Make sure to research where it’s sourced from!
🍎Magnesium- Magnesium is essential for sleep and recovery. It’s also known for supporting bone density, muscle healing, heart health, and supports synthesis of fats and carbohydrates. For women Magnesium is also known to support menstrual cycles and side effect that come along with it!
🍎Probiotic- Do your research here. Probiotics are great for keeping the gut in check but can also be a big waste of money if not taking a quality one! I personally use Primal Kitchen it Garden of Earth brands.

🍎 CBD Oil- CBD is known for its calming effects and aid in sleep & recovery. There is a lot of studies supporting it’s benefits, but only you can decide if this is a good option for you. Do your research and if your an athlete make sure you know the rules of your sport.

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  1. Vitamins in the store absorb perfectly well. Please don’t use scare tactics to get readers to follow you – with due respect for the author’s effort to help people be healthier.

    However, in this article, she provides nonsensical anti-vitamin statements that lack scientific background. If the author would work to cite published medical and reference literature she might learn what is true. Yellow urine simply means that one is getting plenty of vitamin B2 or other colorful nutrients. Better to get enough to “spill” in urine than be deficient. It is hard to get too much vitamin B2. (Vitamin B2 is critical to thyroid function, for instance.

    The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, as well as multiple university studies, show that over 90% of Americans are deficient in multiple nutrients and CANNOT get sufficient quantities of them by eating even an intelligent diet. USA topsoil is so depleted that a University of Texas at Austin study (among others) showed that topsoil has 75% + less magnesium than it had 100 years ago.

    Take your multivitamins and minerals and make sure they have potency for humans, not mice.


    1. To accuse me of using scare tactics to attain readers is pretty far fetched. For every study that is found to support a theory there’s another one saying the opposite. In my post I explained that only blood work is truly the best form of knowing if your deficient, and going off a generalized statement like “90% of Americans are deficient in nutrients” is that true? Sure I’ve read those studies too, but does that mean it’s true for Susan or Joe? Only blood work will actually tell someone if they are in fact part of that 90%. I also stated VERY CLEARLY that these are MY opinions and that everyone should do their own research since nutrition, as well as, vitamins or supplements are NOT one sized fits all.

      Thanks for the feedback.


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