Priorities & Goals…

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve contributed to this blog. I think partly I went out a little strong when I started, and set too high of expectations for myself. It’s kind of like starting that new fad diet and your all in until your not. I do tend to dive into something and quickly become burnt out or simply don’t find time anymore. One of my goals this year is to stop setting my expectations for myself so high that their unattainable. So, yes I’m going to write again and blog recipes that currently are solely on IG, but I’m going to commit to once a week…..ish, instead of several times a week or even everyday. I also am working on my writing skills in general. I’m not the best writer by any stretch, but I’d like to improve, taken seriously, and not look like an idiot or someone who doesn’t care. So for those of you who are really good with grammar and punctuation please bare with me as I continue to learn. Moving on…. I have been talking about priorities with my nutrition clients recently, and these concepts can actually be applied to everyday life. For example- “I don’t have time to walk my dog today” aka “Walking my dog isn’t a priority today”. Ehh that doesn’t taste well does it? Priorities are things we deem most important or more important than others. Now I know this is going to be a unpopular opinion yet I want you to hear me out anyway.

We are ALL busy. Lots of my friends have kids, which is another obstacle in itself, we all have jobs, and have a house to upkeep. We do choose what are our top priorities are. Example- Susan wants to lose 20 lbs, feel great, exercise more, and gain some confidence. She’s all ready to slay these goals until something else comes up. Susan says she doesn’t have time to meal prep… what I hear is “Meal prep isn’t a priority” Susan says she doesn’t have time to exercise …what I hear is “My health and goals aren’t a priority”. Now before I have those Susan’s of the world jumping on my back let me explain that- no you don’t NEED to spend 2 hours meal prepping, you could spend 1 or buy pre-cut veggies or pre-cooked meals! Those are ways to meal prep and make your goals a priority. You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise, you could go for a 30 min walk or exercise at home. THAT is making your health & goals a priority

Ask yourself WHY when it comes to your goal. Write that shit down it’s super powerful. When you find yourself explaining an excuse or saying one, say instead “I’m not making my goal a priority today” sometimes that’s going to be ok, but mostly it may be that kick you need to be honest with yourself.

Try this journal exercise- Write your goal. Underneath explain why then underneath that explain that why. After you have your goal and why written down, write down how you can achieve those goals. Get messy here and brain dump! Once you have all the ways you could attain your goal circle those that your willing to do. This is so important to be HONEST with yourself, and don’t circle those items you think you “should” do only circle the ones you are willing to do. Now, from those you’ve deemed your willing to do decide how often you can commit to those per week/day. I like to use different colored highlighters for this part, such as yellow for 3x a week or pink for 2x a day. Again, be honest with yourself as to what you can commit to and start small. Do this exercise once a quarter, and watch your progress grow along with achieving your goals.

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