About Me

Hi! I’m Christina Killeen, but my friends call me “C” or Chris. I love food, fitness, my dog Jax, and oh yes my husband Tim. We are recently married and still in that wedded bliss living our best married life! I love making new simple recipes, and sharing them to Instagram. I work out and Coach (Olympic Weightlifting) at Chester Springs Crossfit gym, I also recently started to really enjoy Spin and working out in our garage! I haven’t competed in a while but when I do or did, I was a part of Garage Strength Weightlifting. More recently I’ve focused on my love for food, wellness, and health. I am a Certified Nutritionist and am just launching my new business focused on helping others achieve their goals, while also sharing simple healthy meals through my blog and Instagram. I’m also a hairstylist for 15+ years and have always known there is a relationship between nutrition and healthy strong hair. I’m hoping to bridge the gap of health and beauty, since true beauty, quite literally, does come from within. (Stay tuned on a blog post on that!)

Why did I start this blog?

Believe it or not I actually tried blogging before, but it didn’t last long due to some insecurities over comments. I’m glad to say I’ve worked past that and am more of a IDGAF if someone has something mean to say. Forewarning I have a colorful vocabulary at times, sorry not sorry, this is me. I LOVE meeting new people and being apart of someone else’s journey. If I can help or inspire ONE person, that is what I live for, and It’s the most indescribable feeling. I mean how cool is it to be a part of someone else’s success? Nothing comes close to that feeling. I started out just sharing my own food journey, how I simplified meal prepping, recipes, sharing a good find at the grocery store, and pretty food pictures to Instagram. As I learned more about health, fitness, and nutrition I share more. I recently realized I am kinda blogging via Instagram, so I figured what the hell and created this blog.



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