Banana Protein Squares…

Bananas are THE BEST when pretty ripe, but much like an avocado they can go from being perfect to mush in a day…am I right? I had four dang bananas turning to mush and was about to throw them in the freezer for smoothies when I had an idea for baking! I don’t bake TOO […]

Turkey Pumpkin Chili…

Once Upon a Pumpkin is a RD and food blogger I follow on IG and she has AMAZING recipes in general but when it comes to PUMPKIN she is your girl! This is her recipe I tweaked, but if you want the original recipe check her blog out!! She has some amazing concoctions on it!!! […]

Sticking to health goals during social events…

One holiday season I signed up for a local Olympic weightlifting meet, where I wanted to qualify for another event in a lower weight class. The holiday season is my favorite time of year, I love everything about it including the social events and lets be real here most of all…. FOOD! My husband and […]

Your hair can be an indicator of your health…

We are, quite literally, a direct reflection of what we eat. Our skin, hair, and nails can all give us signs of a nutrient deficiency simply by the way our hair, skin, or nails look. If you don’t know me personally I’m a full time hair stylist and I love to help my clients achieve […]

Food Timing Doesn’t Matter…..

The timing of when food is eaten doesn’t matter. Sure you may have had success on a “scientifically proven nutrient timing” diet, but the truth is that if that diet was different from what you were doing before the diet, your body is going to change. THAT is the science. Along with- Ever wonder why […]

Paleo Blueberry Scones

I follow several different food bloggers and grab inspiration from their recipes often! I like to try new things with new ingredients and then learn from it. I learned how to cook this way, make a recipe exactly how it’s written, learn why certain ingredients go together, then go rogue and try my own. I […]

Why I wanted to become a Certified Nutritionist

My health and fitness journey started probably like anyone else’s. I wanted to learn to eat healthier, burn calories, and be “fit”. What I didn’t know early on was that “fit” looks different on everyone and health is a whole lot more complicated than I gave it credit for. Calories in calories out right? Not […]